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Who should use FIKYDEX ?

FIKYDEX is an integrated platform that everyone working in the field of business and marketing in particular should have.

FIKYDEX is a platform that gives Professional Marketers the power to control and innovate in the marketing of products and services of their customers.

FIKYDEX is not just a marketing tool, but it is one of the best profit methods that a freelancer can use to achieve a stable source of income for him by using its services.

FIKYDEX is the most powerful weapon for owners of small and medium businesses that enable them to control the market and competitors with the lowest possible costs and the highest sales results.

Our Goal

Sales Growth

FIKYDEX helps you grow your sales professionally because it was designed to be the best platform that brings together all the tools that any digital marketer needs in one place.


We provide you with everything you need and more to increase your sales at reasonable prices, because we are not only providing marketing tools, but rather we are partners of your success.



Starter plan with all the basics included

  • 5GB Web Hosting
  • 3 Facebook Pages
  • 3 instagram Accounts
  • 3 Twitter Acconts
  • 50.000 Emails Marketing
  • Unlimited Smart Links
  • Support Team



Everything a global company needs

  • 15GB Web Hosting
  • 20 Facebook Pages
  • 20 instagram Accounts
  • 20 Twitter Acconts
  • 300.000 Emails Marketing
  • Unlimited Smart Links
  • Support Team

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Success Partners

the future is in your hand

Why choose FIKYDEX ?


You will not need many websites and programs in order to control your business because everything you need has been collected in one place

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Marketing Solutions

Perfect Tools

Now you can manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Smart Links, Web Hosting, Chat Bot, Ecommerce and much more within one click.

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Save Money

You will be able to save a lot of money by using our marketing platform as you will save in your advertising budgets and employee salaries.

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